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IVMIS is a software system designed to help Panel Physicians in all aspects of medical examinations for U.S. Immigration Visas. Initially started in 2008 the system has been continuously developed and in 2014 the second major version has been released. From appointment management to data archiving IVMIS has been designed to manage all parts of the medical examination process. The system is available to use for all panel physicians screening for the United States.

How it works?

The workflow starts by registering the applicants. After registration, medical examination findings are recorded onto the system by the different users (doctors, nurses, radiologists, lab technicians, secretaries, etc.) of the system. Based on the findings (positive results, etc.) the examination is channeled accordingly. After all tests results and radiological findings are recorded the system determines the correct classification and the examination can be finalized. The signatures of applicants are transferred to the electronic system using our patent pending method.

Invoices and payments, vaccinations, statistics, fraud prevention, result preparation, and such other aspects of this process is automatically handled by the system. IVMIS does not just provide a method of filling the forms electronically but automates your whole process in the mean time.

What makes IVMIS special?

  • Economic
  • With IVMIS you can cut your costs on paper, printing, storage space and even human resources.
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  • Easy to Start
  • IVMIS is cloud based. You can use your existing IT infrastructure to start using IVMIS right away.
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IVMIS is an economical and environmentally friendly solution for the U.S. Immigration Visa medical screening process. IVMIS requires no up-front investment but provides many gains. IVMIS will save you time on administrative tasks such as preparing forms, archiving, statistics and reporting, finalizing the forms, etc. IVMIS will also cut your costs by more than 50% on paper, toner and storage since you will not need to print additional copies for your self.

CDC TIs Compliant

IVMIS implements a workflow approach based on the CDC TIs. This ensures that the work you do is always according to the TIs and the necessary steps are never skipped. This approach reduces the chance for errors and possible fraud attempts. Ensuring compliance to the TIs increases the quality of your reports and the future of your practice.

Easy to Start

IVMIS works from an internet browser, requires no installation and works even on older computers. You only need to log on to it using your username and password. IVMIS can be customized to adjust according to your workflow. Simple user interfaces are easy to learn even for novice users.

Existing hardware at your office is usually enough to start using IVMIS. You would need a printer, scanner and a webcam to start working. You can optionally expand it’s features according to your needs with additional hardware such as label printers and passport readers.

IVMIS is built to increase productivity, reduce costs, prevent errors, increase quality, save time

Online Appointments

Applicants can make online appointments. The data collected then can be used to automatically fill the forms when they arrive.

Complete the DS Forms With Ease

Complete the DS-3026, DS-3025, DS-3030 and DS-2054 with ease. Spend less time filling the forms and more time with your applicants.

Automatic Classification

The final classification is automatically determined based on the acquired data and according to the TI.

Automatic Validation

Don't worry about mistakes, forms are automatically validated to prevent any human errors.

Digital Archive

No need to keep paper copies. Print the forms right away whenever needed. Save on copying costs!

Even Faster Repeat Exams

Old data is pre filled for faster repeat examinations, without missing anything. No more searching through the archive!

Finances Under Control

Invoices are automatically created. Payments can be recorded by currency and method. Reports are instantly created.

Live Statistics

Get live statistics whenever you need them. TB Indicators? Download right away with a click of a button.

Integrate With Lab

Automatically create lab requests and fetch results from existing lab software.

Full-featured Lab Software

No worries if you have a simple lab setup. Print coded tube labels with a click. Track test results.

Work On The Go

Finish up reports even when you're not at the office. Just securely log on from anywhere and keep working.

Mobile Devices Friendly

The user interface is designed so that you can easily use your tablet or even your smartphone to access it.

Bank Grade Security

We use 128-bit SSL encryption for data transmission, no one can peek. We make regular backups and can restore any lost data when needed.

Fraud Prevention

We implement many techniques to prevent fraud attempts. All activity on the system is logged for an audit.


Rapid support is available by email or by phone.

Always Up-To Date

We make sure that you always use the latest forms available.


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